Can you tell me when the next seminar is?
  The schedule for upcoming seminars will be announced on our website or SNS page, as soon as it’s confirmed. If you want to make sure you get the information right away, please go to our application page, choose the location you wish to attend, and send an application request. When we confirm the schedule, we will notify those who have sent an application request via direct mail. They are also given priority to get the seats in the seminar upon their application.
   Are you having the seminar anywhere other than Los Angeles, JAPAN?
  We would love to expand and have seminars at various other cities in the future. If you would like us to come to your city, please go to our CONTACT page and let us know!
  I didn’t get the confirmation email after my online application.
Did my application go through?
  When you submit your application, we send an automated confirmation email at the address you have provided. If you don’t receive it, please double check that the email address you entered is correct and resubmit your application.
  Is there a cancellation fee?
  A: If you sent an application request and you wish to cancel, there is no cancellation fee. However, once your application is complete and your payment has been received, a cancellation fee is charged as follows:
--2 weeks before the seminar’s first day: 25% of the seminar fee
--1 week before the seminar’s first day: 50% of the seminar fee
--3 days before the seminar’s first day: 80% of the seminar fee Thank you for your understanding.
  I’d like to apply for the seminar that’s already been announced with dates and location, but is already fully booked. Can I put myself on a waiting list in case somebody cancels?
  Yes, you can. If you wish to put your name on the waiting list, please go to the APPLICATON page, choose the WAITING LIST for the location you wish to attend, and send us an application. If somebody at that seminar cancels, we will contact you. However, if there are already too many people on the waiting list, we may not be accepting any more. Also, if you put yourself on the waiting list, please understand that there is no guarantee you will get in.
  Should I bring my own clay and base for the sculpture?
  We will provide clay and base for the one-third scale bust sculpture you will work on at the seminar.
(Material cost is included in the seminar fee.)
  I don’t have any sculpting tools. Is that OK?
  We will have a basic set of 6 tools available for the students’ use. (no extra fee)
  I have my own sculpting tools. Can I bring them for my use at the seminar?
  Yes, of course. You can bring any of your own tools that you’re comfortable with.
  What should I bring to the seminar?
  Here are the things we’d like you to bring to the seminar: sketchbook, notebook, pencil, towel or wet wipes, and sculpting tools (only if you have them; the basic sculpting tools are available for students’ use with no extra fee). If there is anything else you need, please feel free to bring them as well.
  After the seminar, can I purchase new rental tools, clay, bases, anatomy figures, etc., that we use at the seminar?
  If we have what you want in stock, you can purchase them on the spot during or after the seminar. If we don’t have them in stock, you can order them there and have them shipped, or you can go to this store where you can purchase what we’re using at the seminar.
  I understand it’s a three-day seminar, but is it three consecutive days?
Or are there days in between?
  The seminar will be for three days: DAY 1 on Saturday, DAY 2 on Sunday (the following day), then DAY 3 on the following Saturday.
  Is there a networking time or some kind of wrap-up event after the seminar?
  On the last day (DAY 3) of the seminar, we will have an hour or two of free time starting around 7pm after the cleanup is done. During this time, everyone can interact with one another over some refreshments. Feel free to show your portfolio to the instructor or ask him questions, exchange feedback on the sculpture works from the seminar, or network with other students. We encourage you to join us if the schedule allows!
  Can you issue a receipt for the seminar fee?
  Yes, we can issue a receipt for those who would like it. Please let us know when you submit your application.
  I’d like to bring some reference books for the seminar.
Will there be a workspace where I can put those?
  Each student will have reasonable workspace. If you wish to bring any reference materials for the seminar, please feel free to do so.
  I would rather not have my picture on your website or SNS. Can I still join the seminar?
  Yes, absolutely. The people you see on our website and SNS are those who gave us permission to use their photo. If you would not like to be in a photo or you don’t want your photo to be on our website, we will honor your request. So please don’t let that keep you from joining the seminar! When we take photos during the seminar, we will take them in a way to insure you are cropped out.
  I am a complete beginner in modeling or art in general. Can I still join the seminar?

  Of course! It’s no problem at all. In our seminar, the instructor will give each student individualized instruction, so anyone from a student to a professional is welcome.
  I have never worked on a clay sculpture. Would I be able to keep up at the seminar?
  There is no pressure and no specific goal, other than to learn and improve your skills. In this seminar, you will study how to appreciate the essence of things through the world of sculpture, by which you will learn how to think on your own and pave your own path; not only in art, but also in your life.
  Is there is anything I should do before the seminar,
or any book you can recommend? I would love to know.
  There’s nothing particular we ask you to do prior to the seminar. If you find any video about sculpture or anything online that you feel would be beneficial or lead to a deeper understanding, you can check them out before the seminar. We do recommend the book by Hiroshi Katagiri, our instructor, which will be released in July 2014, so you can read it as a reference if you’d like.
  I noticed there’s a class for RETURNING STUDENTS. Is it possible for me to join this class?
  This RETURNING STUDENTS class is for people who have participated in our sculpture seminar at least once in the past. It is not a class for first time students of Hiroshi’s seminar. We send an email directly to people who have previously participated and do not accept online applications for it.
  Can I take my sculpture home?
  Yes. You will take home your clay sculpture at the end of the seminar. Please bring a bag or box you can put your sculpture in so that it does not break on your way home.
  Can I include the sculpture I make at the seminar in my portfolio?
  Yes, you can include the clay sculpture you make during the seminar in your portfolio. If you choose to do so, please make sure to include the note: “Created in Hiroshi Katagiri’s sculpture seminar”
  I’d like to work on a full body sculpture. Is that possible?
  We do allow some students to work on a full body sculpture, but only for those who have experience in modeling/sculpture and have a certain level of skill. However, if you choose to do so, you will not have enough time in our three-day seminar. You will need to start working on your sculpture earlier and have some work done on it before you start the seminar.
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