Just announced! The ultimate book of Hiroshi Katagiri’s artworks & sculpting lecture “ANATOMY SCULPTING” will be released in early July 2014!

The ultimate book of artworks & sculpting lecture by Hiroshi Katagiri, a sculptor and character artist whose works are constantly featured in many Hollywood movies!
Sorry this is only in Japanese. English version should be out soon later.

Author (Supervising editor): Hiroshi Katagiri
Publisher: Graphic-Sha  Price: 2,700 yen (plus tax)  160P/Full Color
Release date: Early July in 2014 Release
country: Japan

“ENGLISH JOURNAL” featuring Hiroshi Katagiri’s interview

  Katagiri is featured in the newest issue’s “Katsuyaku fiirudo wa, sekai (My stage, the world) - Appare! Japanese,” a series that introduces Japanese people who strive beyond national borders and language barrier. The article talks about his successful career in Hollywood, as well as how he mastered English.

Issue: February 2014 issue (Released on January 6th, 2014)
In full color, 4 pages

“Cinefex” featuring production photos of Hiroshi Katagiri working on a maquette of Gypsy Danger in “Pacific Rim”

  Check out a photo of Katagiri working on a maquette of Gypsy Danger in “Pacific Rim” (his name is mentioned as well), featured both in English and Japanese edition. This issue also features “Man of Steel” which Katagiri worked on a design sculpture of Superman’s costume ideas with the costume designer.

Title: Cinefex,
Issue: October 2013

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