The seminar will be with a small group of students and anyone is eligible to participate. You can be a beginner, have some experience, or you can even be a professional artist. Students from previous seminars have had experience in the following fields.
 Field of Special Effects Makeup and Modeling
Special effects makeup artist, creature model sculptor, model sculptor, modeler, doll maker, action figure modeler, student or alumnus of a special effects makeup/beauty makeup school, college student of fine arts majoring in sculpture/modeling/oil painting, etc.
 Field of Video Games and CG
Artist for layout/character/background/effects, character modeler, modeler, art director, texture artist, concept artist, and designer for: video games, a CGI company, and for CG movie productions. 3-D CG artist (character modeler/modeler/designer/animator/rigger), CGI academy instructor, college student/professional school student in 3-D CG, etc.
 Other Fields
Illustrator (video game background/card art), cartoonist, retouch artist (impasto/card illustration), body paint artist, dental technician/student, beauty school student, manicurist, actor, English instructor, therapist, college student, high school student, etc.

[Seminar Fee]
$330USD (*material expense included)
(The basic sculpture tools are available for students’ use with no extra fee)

[Capacity] Up to 20 people

What to expect before the seminar (application process) Submission of your application
Email sent with seminar instructions
Email confirmation of your payment*
Email from the instructor with assignment details
Assignment design finalized
*Application is complete upon confirmation of payment

[What to expect
at the seminar]
Approximately 2 weeks to one month before the seminar, students will receive an email with assignment details. Assignment is explained and finalized through email correspondence prior to the seminar. Students will join the seminar after the design/drawing assignment is completed.
 Seminar - DAY 1 (10am-6pm, with 1 hour lunch break)
The seminar begins with a lecture and clay demonstration in a one-to-one scale by the instructor. Each student starts working on a bust sculpture with clay in a one-third scale, based on their own design/drawing. Individual instruction is given to the students.
 Seminar - DAY 2 (10am-6pm, with 1-hour lunch break)
Students continue to work on their bust sculptures. A short lecture, clay demonstration, and individual instruction will be given throughout the class whenever it’s appropriate. The instructor will share production photos from various Hollywood movies in a slideshow presentation, and will talk about the industry and his behind-the-scene stories of filmmaking.
 Seminar - DAY 3 (10am-6pm*, with 1-hour lunch break)
Students continue on their bust sculptures. A short lecture, clay demonstration, and individual instruction will be given whenever it’s appropriate. After the seminar, students and the instructor will have a round-table discussion over refreshments. Students can network with each other and are free to show their portfolio to the instructor, ask questions, etc. Feedback will also be exchanged on the student’s sculpture. *Post-seminar discussion begins about 7pm, for 1-2 hours

Details of the assignment will be given on email after your application is complete. Design drawings can be either hand-drawn or drawn with digital software (photoshop, zbrush, etc).
You are also allowed to choose a celebrity or an actual person for your assignment.

[Things to bring to the seminar] Sketchbook, notebook, pencil, compass, towel or wet wipes, Sculpture/modeling tools (only if you have them. The basic sculpture tools are available for students’ use with no extra fee.)
*Details will be given on email prior to the seminar.

[Cancellation Policy] After payment has been received and the application is complete, a cancellation fee is charged as follows:
--2 weeks before the seminar: 25% of the seminar fee
--1 week before the seminar: 50% of the seminar fee
--3 days before the seminar: 80% of the seminar fee
Thank you for understanding.
Each day is from 10am to 6pm and includes a 1hour lunch break.
(*Please note that the seminar is a three-day course)

Location Spectral Motion  (Special Makeup Effects Studio)

Adress Glendale, CA  Details will be provided by email upon registration.
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